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Study on Degradation Characteristics and Chemical Cleaning Methods of Plasticized PVC for Conservation of Plastic Artifact
Na Ra Lee, Yong Jae Chung
J. Conserv. Sci. 2019;35(2):159-168.   Published online April 30, 2019
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Cleaning Fabricated Metal Thread: A Post‐treatment Stability Assessment after Artificial Deterioration and the Application of Synthetic Soil
Hae Jin Park, Minsun Hwang, Yong Jae Chung
J. Conserv. Sci. 2019;35(1):19-31.   Published online February 1, 2019
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A Study on the Representation Experiment for a Proposed Conservation Technique
Jin Hyoung Kim, Myeung Seung Lee
J. Conserv. Sci. 2018;34(6):525-538.   Published online December 1, 2018
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Detergency of Natural Surfactant for the Cleaning of Excavated Cotton Fabrics
Young Mee Baek, Young Hee Lee
J. Conserv. Sci. 2017;33(2):97-106.   Published online April 1, 2017
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Experimental Study for Removing Lacquer Layer on Iron Surface by Nd : YAG Laser System
Chang Su Park, Nam Chul Cho, Hyun Sung Hwang
J. Conserv. Sci. 2016;32(3):377-384.   Published online September 30, 2016
Conservation Treatment of Modern Cultural Heritage Rickshaw
Soo Chul Kim, Jung Hae Park, Han Ul Jang, Jae Wan Choi, Joo Young Ahn
J. Conserv. Sci. 2016;32(2):203-213.   Published online June 30, 2016
Experimental study for removing silver sulfide from silver objects by Nd : YAG laser cleaning
Hyeyoun Lee, Namchul Cho
J. Conserv. Sci. 2014;30(1):95-101.   Published online March 31, 2014
Conservation of stapled books: Rebinding using colored iron cores
Hyojin Ha, Jungeun Choi
J. Conserv. Sci. 2014;30(1):27-32.   Published online March 31, 2014
Preservation Values and Effects on Cleaning and Adhesive Agents for Plastic Artifacts
Yong Jae Chung, Ji A Yu, Dai Ill Kang
J. Conserv. Sci. 2013;29(2):127-138.   Published online June 30, 2013
Stability Assessment of Ivory Materials by Cleaning Agents
Dai Ill Kang, Byeong Ju Lee, Hee jung Lee
J. Conserv. Sci. 2012;28(3):229-233.   Published online September 20, 2012
Application Study of Dry‐ice Pellet Cleaning for Removing Oil Paint and Lacquer of Outdoor Metal Artifacts
Jee-Eun Lee, Nam-chul Cho, Jong-Myoung Lee, Jae-Eun Yu
J. Conserv. Sci. 2012;28(3):217-228.   Published online September 20, 2012
Effects of the Wet Cleaning to the Color Change of the Dyed Fabrics with Natural Dyes
Young Mee Baek, Sumiko Goto-Doshida, Masako Saito
J. Conserv. Sci. 2012;28(1):21-27.   Published online March 30, 2012
Application Study of CO2 Snow Cleaning for Cleaning of Foreign Matter and Corrosion Products on Iron Artifacts
Eun-Ji Lee, Nam-chul Cho, Jong-Myong Lee, Jae-Eun Yu
J. Conserv. Sci. 2011;27(3):333-344.   Published online September 30, 2011
Experimental Study of Removing Epoxy Resin from Iron Object using Nd:YAG Laser Cleaning System
Hye Youn Lee, Nam-chul Cho, Jong-Myoung Lee, Jae-Eun Yu
J. Conserv. Sci. 2011;27(3):301-312.   Published online September 30, 2011
Analysis of Surface Contaminants and Removal Techniques on Three-story Stone Pagoda at the West of Gameunsaji Site
Sa Dug Kim, Tae Jong Lee, Daram Kim, Min Su Han
J. Conserv. Sci. 2010;26(2):203-211.   Published online June 20, 2010

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