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J. Conserv. Sci > Volume 30(2); 2014 > Article
Journal of Conservation Science 2014;30(2):235-241.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.12654/JCS.2014.30.2.11    Published online June 30, 2014.
문화재 전시 공간에 대한 활성탄의 습도 제어 및 유해가스 제거 효과 연구
강새롬, 최유리, 강대일
The Effects of Humidity Control Capability and Removal Toxic Gases of Activated Carbon to the Display Environment of Cultural Properties
Sae Rom Kang, Yu Ri Choi, Dai Ill Kang
초 록
본 연구에서는 활성탄의 문화재 전시 환경에 대한 습도 및 유해물질 제어 능력을 확인하고자 하였다. 흡 · 방습 성능 실험 결과, 저습과정(RH 30→55→30%)에서는 박물관에서 주로 사용되는 Silica계 조습제에 비해 활성탄의 흡습 량이 많은 반면 방습량은 적었다. 흡습속도는 활성탄이 Silica계 조습제에 비해 빠르고 방습속도는 Silica계 조습제가 빨랐다. 중습과정(RH 50→75→50%)에서는 활성탄에 비해 Silica계 조습제의 흡습량이 근소하게 많았으며 방습량은 비슷하게 나타났다. 흡·방습 속도는 활성탄의 흡습 속도가 Silica계 조습제에 비해 빠르고 방습속도는 큰 차이를 보이지 않았다. 유해물질 흡착 실험에서는 활성탄을 적용한 환경이 Silica 계 조습제를 적용한 환경에 비해 Formaldehyde의 농도가 낮았다.
중심어: 조습제, 흡착제, 유해가스, 보존환경
In this study, we are trying to verify humidity control capability of the exhibition environment of cultural property by measuring adsorption and desorption performance, the control ability of harmful substances by the adsorption experiments of harmful gases. In the experiment of adsorption and desorption performance, in the low humidity area, Artsorb desorbed overwhelmingly more than activated carbon whereas activated carbon absorbed more. Adsorption speed was faster slightly in Artsorb absorption speed was similar in both. In the middle humidity area, absorption by artsorb was slightly more and desorption was similar in both so characteristic of Artsorb didn't appear. Also, Adsorption speed was faster in activated carbon but in the process of desorption, the speed of Artsorb was faster. In adsorption experiment of harmful substances, the concentration in the environment with activated carbon was lower than one with Artsorb, but the difference appeared small. And as a result of observation of the difference in concentration due to adsorption of harmful gas by the change in the metal specimen, the most change was shown in lead specimen and the color difference between the lead specimens of the activated carbon and Artsorb appeared greatly.
Key Words: Humidity controller, Adsorbent, poisonous gas, conservation environment
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