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J. Conserv. Sci > Volume 35(6); 2019 > Article
Journal of Conservation Science 2019;35(6):670-680.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.12654/JCS.2019.35.6.10    Published online December 31, 2019.
함안 성산산성 출토 목제유물의 용도별 선호수종 연구
조석민1, 손병화2, 정아름3, 권지현1
2충북대학교 나이테연구센터
3행정안전부 국가기록원 대통령기록관
A Study on Preferred Wood Species Depending on the Use Of Wooden Objects Excavated from Haman Seongsansansung Mountain Fortress
Seok Min Cho1, Byung Hwa Son2, Ah Ruem Jeong3, Ji Hyun Kwon1
1Gaya National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage, Changwon 51430, Korea
2Tree-ring Research Center, Chungbuk University, Cheongju 28644, Korea
3Presidential Archives, National Archives of Korea, Sejong 30107, Korea
Correspondence:  Ji Hyun Kwon, Tel: +82-55-211-9021, 
Email: milburga@korea.kr
Received: 31 October 2019   • Revised: 25 November 2019   • Accepted: 7 December 2019
초 록
본 연구는 다량의 목제유물이 출토된 삼국시대 함안 성산산성을 비롯하여 동시대로 생각되는 경상권 유적 목제유물의 수종분석 결과를 빗, 목간, 용기류 등의 용도별로 구분하여 비교함으써 용도에 따른 선호 수종이나 요구 특성이 있는지 파악하고자 하였다. 목간과 빗의 경우는 뚜렷한 선호 수종이 나타났고, 용기류의 경우는 비교적 중간 정도의 강도 특성을 갖는 목재로써 일정 부분 수분이동의 저항성이 있을 것으로 생각되는 수종들이었다.
중심어: 목제유물, 수종분석, 함안 성산산성, 경상권 유적, 용도별 선호수종
This study attempts to identify whether there were preferred wood species or any required properties depending on the use of wooden objects by comparing wood species analysis results of wooden objects, which are classified specifically by their uses like comb, wooden tablets, containers, etc., excavated from Haman Seongsansansung mountain fortress, which is the archaeological site of the Three Kingdoms era and those excavated from archaeological sites in Gyeongsang province considered to be the similar era of Haman Seongsansansung mountain fortress site. Wooden tablets and combs show the preferred species clearly and containers preferred wood species with the mid-ranged strength and the resistance against moisture migration.
Key Words: Wooden objects, Wood species analysis, Haman Seongsansansung Mountain Fortress, Archaeological sites in Gyeongsang Provinces, Preferred wood species depending on their use

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